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How To Take The Best Photos For Selling Your House

Do It Yourself 

Since you are reading about how to take the best listing photos for selling your house, it’s fairly safe to assume that you’ve decided not to use a real estate agent, and do it yourself instead. If so, you’re in good company. There are still countless folks out there who much prefer to do it themselves if possible, especially if it means saving money. However, in this case, unless you know about professional real estate photography, you may not save much. 

Professional Photos 

Really good listing photos taken by a professional real estate photographer can help sell your home upwards of 30% faster. Great photos are a way to impress your potential buyers and get them to come to make an offer. In the end, you want professional photos that help sell your home, period. This is why taking phenomenal real estate photos is only possible with a DSLR camera (Nikon, Canon) on certain suggested settings.

Curb Appeal 

One very important thing to keep in mind is the first impression of your potential buyers, which means making sure your home has excellent curb appeal. To create a positive and memorable first impression, start with what home buyers see as they drive past your house. Be sure garden hoses and trash cans are picked up and outside the pictures. The yard should be manicured and trimmed neatly, and be sure you take your exterior shots in the best light (see below). 

Exterior – Lighting, Etc.  

When taking good exterior real estate photos, you’ll want to use natural light to your advantage. Avoid taking pictures on a cloudy day, and here is a simple formula for using the best light for your house’s exterior real estate photos: 

  • If your house faces east, shoot in the morning with the sun behind you. 
  • If your house faces west, the afternoon is the best time for taking real estate photos. 
  • If you face north, take images between 10 am and 4 pm – taking photos or at least a few shots as examples at different times will help you determine what is ideal. 
  • If your house faces south, the photoshoot should take place just before the sun goes down, at dusk.


When moving on to the interior real estate photos of your house, you’re going to want to take some practice shots to test your lighting. You will need to study up on professional photography to see the correct aperture adjustments and other settings that can improve pictures. Remove as many personal items as possible, as remember, buyers want to picture their own items in the house. Get rid of clutter and any items you don’t want or need anymore. Store any extra furniture, boxes, coat racks, etc. in the garage, creating space and light throughout the house. 

In the interior of your home, light and space are everything, especially when you only have a few hours to capture your shots. Make sure you use a tripod so your photos are straight horizontally and vertically, and keep each photo steady. Remember to open up the curtains or blinds in each room, or even remove them, and turn off ceiling fans. 

Height To Shoot From 

When setting up the tripod to begin, set it to take pictures in the living room and family room with the camera sitting between 36″ and 48″ inches from the ground, depending on other furniture height. In the bedroom, the camera should be 15″ – 20″ inches higher than the bed. In the kitchen, the camera should be 15″- 20″ higher than the kitchen counters. Lastly, in the bathrooms, you want your shot to be above the bathroom counter. 

Real Estate Photography 

When studying real estate photography, you’ll find that good photos primarily result from the fact that they use a wide-angle lens. In every room, for every shot, use a wide-angle lens if you want professional-looking real estate photography and fantastic pictures that encompass the entire room. 

Take a picture from at least three different vantage points or perspectives, of each room. Typically from the doorway, also called ‘head-on’, is one photo. Another photo is often taken from the corner of the room, for another perspective. And the third could be in front of a feature you want to showcase, or at a specific spot in the room that you think is best. Pro tip: give yourself options .

Additional Tips 

Be sure to take close-ups of smaller features in your home, for prospective buyers who only shop virtually. When buyers do a home search, you want them to see a picture of your home that looks like it was taken by a professional photographer, and will facilitate its sale. A photo can sell your house, it’s that simple. Especially for virtual or online shoppers, and the overwhelming majority of these house buyers see at least one photo before visiting in person. 

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