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The Difference Between A Buyer’s Market And A Seller’s Market

Entering The Real Estate Market 

Millions of Americans across the country are exhaling a sigh of relief after the recent pandemic, and getting ready to resume their lives where they left off. For many, that means preparing to enter the housing market.

But with our economy in a state of uncertainty and limbo, is that the right move to make? And what’s the difference between a buyer’s market and a seller’s market? Which one is better for your circumstances? Is it currently a buyer’s market or a seller’s market? All these questions and more will be discussed in this post, so if this subject interests you, read on!

The Power Position  

Ok, so what is a buyer’s market vs a seller’s market? It all lies in who has the advantage. When there are more homes to buy and the prices are low, it’s considered a buyer’s market because it favors buyers. When there aren’t as many homes selling, there’s a limited supply which means less competition, but higher prices. This is considered a seller’s market because it favors sellers.

Typically a seller’s market is indicative of a strong economy, and vice versa. So if you’re a buyer looking to purchase a house, we’ll offer some great tips on how to find the best deals. But what everyone really wants right now is a seller’s market, to benefit the entire nation and beyond. And now happens to be a great time to buy, since lending companies favor buyers of all kinds with record-low interest rates.

Selling Your House 

If you’re going to be selling your house, you’ll want it to be picture perfect to attract buyers, because curb appeal is ‘a thing’ – and one that makes a huge difference with active listings everywhere. Home sellers who do business with real estate professionals have the advantage to entice buyers by taking professional photos for active listings, as this is the first impression potential buyers get.

This is one of the most important things you can do that help houses sell quicker. Market conditions like supply and demand can also help determine your asking price. Houses that are on the market longer are less likely it is to sell for that asking price. 

Buying A House 

If you’re buying a house, one thing you can do to give yourself an advantage is to get a pre-approval for your mortgage loan first. That speeds up the process for the seller too so that when you’re interested in a house that may have multiple offers, yours will be given preference. As opposed to a seller’s market, a buyer’s market means lower home prices and [hopefully] lower interest rates, although one doesn’t always mean the other. Depending on how much money you’re working with, a real estate agent is something to consider when doing your home search.

If you’re forced into buying in a seller’s market and trying to figure out the home prices you can afford, don’t forget to take into account your closing costs. And when you decide you’ve found the perfect house with exactly what you’re looking for, act fast and make an offer! Focus on stipulating only what’s most important to you, and expect to pay significantly more than you would in a buyer’s market. Whenever possible, buyers would be wise to wait for a longer period and a buyer’s market for lower prices and other benefits. 

Great Selling Tips 

Good marketing techniques by creative sellers can bring lots of interested buyers to your door. Real estate agents will typically take care of all that, so follow any suggestions they may have. If you’re not using an agent, be sure to do your research on local real estate markets, and make your home stand out from the competition.

Homeowners selling their houses while enjoying a seller’s market have it made, especially within a strong and booming economy. More people spending means more demand for real estate, which must be met with more supply. If you price your house just right, you could receive multiple offers, even inadvertently starting a bidding war. More people purchase houses for more than their asking price, due to bidding too much in the excitement of the sale than you would think.

Great Buying Tips 

Speaking of bidding wars, in a buyer’s market, beware not to get caught up in one! Buyers often make this mistake, especially in real estate markets that have a higher demand than supply. Since supply and demand determine much of the housing market, including whether it’s a buyer’s market or a seller’s market, if you can afford to wait until it changes, it inevitably will.

Keep in mind sellers want to make the sale fast when the demand is lower, especially when it switches to a buyer’s market. They are not going to want their homes to be under active listings for too long, as this is a strong indication that either the price is too high or more details are necessary.

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