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Does Smart Home Technology Increase the Resale Value?

Is It A Smart Decision? 

The short answer is a resounding yes, but what are the smart home upgrades that attract buyers and increase your home’s resale value the most, and why? For one thing, smart home technology is the future, and no one wants to be left behind! For another, there’s the convenience factor – it makes life easier. Combine this with energy efficiency and hands-free control, and bingo – you’ve got real home value. 

Smart Home Technology 

Ok, so assuming smart home products are indeed smart for resale value, which smart gadgets are the smartest? Smart home technology features a complete home automation system that can be controlled by – you guessed it – a smart device, like your smartphone. A smart home, therefore, is a home with pre-installed smart devices that are capable of automation. What are some of these smart home devices?

Smart Thermostats 

Arguably one of the best smart home upgrades is the smart thermostat. This is because smart thermostats create energy efficiency within the home. It will automatically adjust your home’s temperature, giving you utility control as you’ve never had before. You’ll be amazed at your energy savings when you see your utility bills. Smart home features like this are a welcomed benefit. 

Smart Home Control 

Some other cool smart home devices may include things like smart blinds or smart shades, which you can control from wherever you are with the touch of a button on your screen. Smart lighting is another great feature, and can even fool people into believing you are home when you’re really not. Plus, you can really impress a date with smart lighting! Smart home devices for smart home systems give you ultimate control in home automation. 

Smart Home Security Systems 

A smart home security system will ideally have several smart security devices, such as a video doorbell and a smart home security camera. Besides security cameras, smart security systems should also include smart locks and smart smoke detectors. Having a smart door lock means you can always lock or unlock your door for anyone, even when you’re not at home. Connect your smart smoke detector to your smart hub or smartphone app, as well. 

Smart Yard 

That’s right, get the latest smart home upgrades that include a smart sprinkler system for your yard. Turn smart sprinklers on or off remotely or set a timer and home automation features. Open the garage door with a voice command using smart voice control. Your smart home technology definitely increases your smart home resale value. 

Smart Entertainment 

Using smart technology with smart entertainment systems is another of the many smart upgrades you can make to your home. Adjust smart speakers with a touch of your smartphone, for a party of one or an entire house party! Your guests will be impressed by your use of so much smart technology and smart features in your home. Add smart appliances too, and increase your home value even more. 


Making your home a smart home adds an accessibility factor that may help someone with a disability, as well. Having a home with automation features can be especially helpful for a person with a disability. Or it may enable someone the independence to live alone. Even if it just gives the new owner extra peace of mind, the added options will definitely be appreciated. Attract more potential buyers with smart technology in your home. 

Smart Buy 

Smart homes create smart home buyers, and the data says smart homes sell faster. So if you’re thinking about adding smart devices and making your home fully equipped with smart home technology, you will indeed be increasing the overall market value. If you’re wondering how much, you can certainly add 5% safely to your home value, and some say more. Google Home and Alexa are probably the two leading providers of smart devices for smart homes. It’s a smart investment! 

Sell Faster 

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Cash Sale 

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