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What to Look for in a Real Estate Agent

The Big Decision 

The decision to sell your house is a big one. We get it! That’s why we strive to help homeowners in difficult situations with solutions that work, and that benefit all parties involved. Sell Your House Fast – Las Vegas is a solid cash home buying business that you can trust and depend on when you need to sell fast, regardless of your reasons. 

We buy homes as-is, no repairs necessary, we’re fair and we understand life is not always predictable! When you’re in an uncomfortable position and you need to sell your house fast but fairly, get a free, no-obligation cash offer from Sell Your House Fast – Las Vegas. 

Selling Traditionally 

However, when selling your house in the traditional manner, your first step is to find a real estate agent. Not just any agent will do – you need to find the right real estate agent for your personality and home. Think that sounds funny? You won’t when you’re spending a lot of time with this person in a collaborative effort of the selling process. A good real estate agent is someone you vibe with, and who “gets” you. It’s not always just about performance and sales. 

Buying A House

When buying a house, you’ll also want to have the best real estate agent you can find. One that can really stand out is an Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR), as this kind of agent specializes in helping first-time buyers with every stage of the entire process. 

A buyer’s agent represents your best interests, so you want someone you feel perfectly understands what you want. With an ABR, this particular agent has completed training and is representing buyers new to the experience in their home search for exactly the right property at exactly the right price. 

The Basics 

So either way, buying or selling, you need a good agent who understands your needs and represents you well. Before you decide on which real estate agents to contact, do a little research. Make sure your choices belong to the National Association of Realtors and use the Multiple Listing Service, plus a Certified Residential Specialist would be ideal. 

Check out the agent’s online presence, look for online reviews and the opinions expressed in them. Make sure you choose at least three agents to interview before making a decision.New Paragraph

Things to Look for

One thing you really want is an experienced agent with extensive local real estate market knowledge. These types of real estate agents are often the top performers, but not always. You should always look at the agent’s work with recent clients, and ask their opinions, whenever possible. 

The right agent should be a good person, and an honest one. The real estate agent you choose should reflect the same basic values that you find important, and you should have a good mutual understanding of one another. A good agent means a great relationship.

Different Types of Real Estate Agents 

There are different types of real estate agents and areas of specialty. A listing agent focuses on selling the property he or she has listed and typically has an agreement with the seller. Other real estate agents have a contract with the buyer and strictly work on their behalf.

Additionally, many real estate agents can work as dual agents for both the buyer and seller, as long as both parties agree and sign a dual agency agreement. This rarely occurs without ultimately causing a conflict of interest, however. Most agents can do any or all three of these, but can also specialize in different groupings, such as a senior’s real estate specialist.

Transaction Brokers

You can also find agents who just handle real estate transactions, called (real estate) transaction brokers, who operate on a fee-for-service or hourly basis, just preparing the documents for closing on a house. Even if you decide to do it FSBO, a licensed real estate agent has paperwork you’ll need, and having at least a transaction broker involved is highly recommended.

Services Provided 

In the real estate industry, there are certain requirements that these real estate professionals do their best to provide. They are property managers for your home, they list it on the MLS, schedule showings, and advertise for open houses. In collaboration with the seller, of course, they host at least one open house, as well. 

A real estate broker, for a seller, is responsible for bringing in potential buyers and getting as close to the sales price possible. At the same time, they offer some financial protection for both parties, regardless of whether buying or selling.

Who Pays the Commission?

Although technically it’s negotiable, generally the seller pays the commission for both the buyer and seller as part of the closing costs, which is roughly 6% of the sale price. The buyer’s agent and the seller’s agent usually split this amount, or it is negotiated between the two. But the seller covers the buyer’s agent as well as their agent in the total fee. This can be quite significant, for example, a house that sells for $250K would yield a commission of $15K. 

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