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How to Write a Real Estate Listing That Sells

Becoming a Real Estate Investor 

Ok so you’ve bought your first house to flip, and you’ve done some great work to the house and property. It’s time to get started with the sale process, but the real estate market is highly competitive, so you want to do what you can to help the process along. One of the first things you need to do to prepare to show it is to write a creative real estate listing description to attract buyers and bring more interest. 


250-Word Descriptions 

To write good real estate listing descriptions that sell properties fast, you’ll want to use descriptive words in a way that tells buyers your house is special. You need to keep in mind that you only have 250 words total, including your headline. This is the standard word count, calculated according to data to back it up that most buyers won’t read much more than that, to begin with. Use positive words, and be sure to cover the primary features. 

Things to Avoid


Property descriptions should also steer clear of things like too many exclamation points, and don’t use words like “small discount” or “bargain”. Anything that might deter potential buyers is going to be avoided when you write real estate ads. You can look at other listings and property descriptions to see what you think makes a great listing. When entering the real estate business, count on the fact that you’ll often be writing real estate ads. 

Make a Great Headline 

A property listing should have a terrific headline. The two things to remember for the headline is to include general location information and a unique feature. Something that makes your real estate listing description sound attractive to a potential buyer. Here are two examples: 

  • A Seattle condo with a huge deck and fantastic view offer beauty and luxury in one ideal place. 
  • Lake of the Ozarks vacation home on a lakefront lot features a stunning master bedroom with its own air conditioning unit and plenty of natural light. 

Opening Statement 

Real estate listing descriptions that sell will have a compelling opening statement that includes unique features. Here are two examples that could be for the above sample headlines: 

  • This lovely 2-bedroom, 2-bath condo in the Sammamish Plateau near Seattle features an epic view from its large deck, accessed by sliding glass doors located in the spacious living room. 
  • This gorgeous lakefront property in the Ozark Mountains features stainless steel appliances and granite countertops in a huge kitchen workspace.

Real Estate Listing Descriptions

Your real estate listing description should be in a narrative description format and include the basics. You can look at other property listings for good home description examples, but basically will always include: 

  • Amount of bedrooms, bathrooms
  • Square footage 
  • Lot size
  • Location (address) 
  • Listed price 
  • Home upgrades and features
  • Amenities

Special Promotions 

To sell a property faster, your real estate listing description may want to offer a special promotion. This can be an incentive for appealing to buyers in a buyer’s market, or just to promote a quick sale. Some examples are: 

  • Offer seller financing
  • Offer to pay part or all of the buyer’s closing costs
  • Promote a new sales price (be careful not to make the home sound like a fixer-upper, or unsellable in any way)
  • Offer a one year home warranty or a discounted price on one 

Call to Action

This is an important aspect of your real estate ad. Your closing statement should be a call to action. It is where you urge the potential buyer to act on a desire to schedule a showing, so you have the chance to sell your house to them in person. Here are two sample calls to action: 

  • Schedule a private tour for this coveted condo before it disappears! 
  • Call today for a showing of this ideal vacation home before it’s gone with the wind! 

Alternative for Selling Even Faster 


Since you bought your house to flip, it’s not likely that you would consider an all-cash buyer. However, just in case you get in a bind financially and just need to offload the property fast, remember us here at Sell Your House Fast – Las Vegas. We offer a fair price and do business with integrity and reliability. We offer a solution to homeowners that benefits both parties. 

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