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How Long Does It Take To Sell A House?

First Things First 

If you have been asking the question how long does it take to sell a house, we are going to tackle that issue in this post. The answer to that is multifarious, and depends of course on several different factors. However, the short answer is: the average time to sell a house in Nevada is currently 90 days, from listing to closing. This works out to an average of 55 days to receive an offer and an additional 35 days to close. Unless you opt for a cash home buyer like Sellyourhousefastlv, where you can have the cash from selling your house within a week or so, and less than that when necessary! For the sake of this article, we will explore the topics associated with selling your house in the traditional way first, and then we’ll do a little comparison with the Sellyourhousefastlv method. 

The Reasons 

Trying to get an idea of how long it will take to sell your house implies that you may be in a hurry, or trying to work within a specific time-frame. Of course, you could just be curious, wanting to get a better idea of what to expect in today’s ever-changing market. Regardless, it does have an impact on what method you choose. For instance, you may be going through some financial difficulties and having a hard time making your house payments, putting you dangerously close to foreclosure. Or perhaps you have a job offer in another state that’s just too sweet to ignore, and it’s time-sensitive. Maybe you’re going through a divorce, and need to liquidate your assets. You could have a friend, relative or loved one who needs you in another state, and time is of the essence. Possibly, you are just ready for a change. There are a thousand reasons why you may be looking into selling, and if we assume they’re time-sensitive, then you’re going to want to find the quickest route possible. 

Preparation For A Traditional Sale 

There’s a lot that goes into preparing to sell your house. First you will need to do a thorough inspection of all the rooms, plus the grounds and exterior of the house, making a note of any repairs or remodeling you need to do. Remember, your house will be independently inspected by a professional, so don’t give them any reason to flag something you are already aware of. Especially since you’ll be paying for any repairs deemed necessary. Some of the main things to be sure to check are your appliances, including your water heater, dishwasher, stove, refrigerator and even your garage door! Your major systems, such as your electrical, gas, and heating and cooling systems will be checked. Structural items will include things like your roof, garage, attic, crawl space, siding, windows and doors. You will also need to thoroughly clean, organize and declutter the entire house, and get rid of any items you can. Your rooms need to look large and well lighted, so keep that in mind. The less clutter you have, the bigger and more functional it appears. Also, remember you’re going to be showing your house and holding open houses, so you’ll need to keep your home ready for this at all times. And don’t forget you’re going to need to hire a great real estate agent to help you. If you’re going to try to sell your house traditionally, a good realtor can make all the difference. They know things like current market values, inexpensive improvements you can make that look expensive, and what people want when buying a house. This person will be an integral part of successfully selling your house. Find the perfect one for you, because you’re also going to be paying them an average of 6 to 7% of the total sale amount. Be sure to also do your own research on the real estate market and house values in your area, as well. Another thing to consider is timing, since the time of year usually makes a difference to how fast your home sells. The best month to sell a house fast in Nevada is June, but the best month to sell a house for the most money in Nevada is December. Without a doubt, an awful lot of time, energy and money goes into preparing your house for a traditional sale. 

Preparation For A Cash Sale

Now let’s look at this in another perspective, and compare the details and preparation for a sale to a cash home buyer instead. Of course, you’re still going to want to make your house presentable and clean for the home buyer’s visit, although most buy homes in any condition and even “ugly” ones! If you’re like most people, however, you’ll still be wanting to get the best price for your investment possible, which means completing this part of preparation. With a place like Sellyourhousefastlv, the next part is incredibly simple, and can be completed in 3 quick, easy steps: 

  1. Go to their home page and fill out the form
  2. Set up a time for them to come view the house and property
  3. They make you a no-obligation CASH offer 

And here’s the thing: there are no inspections for you to worry about passing, and no commissions or fees are charged for their services. Plus, they pay all legal fees, closing costs and any other fees that are associated with the sale of your house. What you get instead is just a simple, straightforward cash offer on your home, no extras or strings attached. You’re under no obligation to accept, and you won’t be charged for anything. I say, what have you got to lose? The other huge advantage is that you have very little preparation time and almost NO waiting time, which equals selling your house fast. These people have the integrity and consideration you want and need, when it comes to this kind of decision. So hopefully this has given you some things to think about when asking the question; how long does it take to sell a house? Here at SellYourHouseFastLV we can help you get your house sold quickly.

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