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Foreclosure Trouble

How We Can Help Sell Your House and Stop Foreclosure In Las Vegas

If you’re like most Americans today, at one time or another you will face financial difficulties to some degree. For many people, this comes in the form of having trouble keeping up with their mortgages. Often, the troubles result in the threat of foreclosure. You can easily find yourself in a jam, and you suddenly stand to lose everything if you don’t act fast. This is a time when you need a cash home buyer you can trust, like Sellyourhousefastlv. When you go through tough times like these, we can help you salvage some of your investment and cut your losses for a fresh start. When you need to sell your house fast in Las Vegas, you can depend on us to give you the best deal possible. We cover all legal fees and closing costs associated with the sale of your house, so you can keep all the money to use for what you really need. Plus, we can close within 48 hours when necessary. This comes in particularly handy when auction dates are looming fast. This is why no matter what your situation, if you’re facing a foreclosure we may be able to help you salvage your investment. 

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Save Yourself From Debt

If the lender successfully forecloses on your house, you will be responsible for the remainder of your debt, forcing many people into bankruptcy and financial ruin. Your already suffering credit can become beyond hope of repair for years to come, destroying any chance of recovery. By selling your house fast for cash, you may be able to pay off what you owe and still have a little left over for a new start. At the least, you can pay off the debt you owe or a significant portion of it, possibly saving yourself from a lifetime of debt. In this situation, it is of utmost importance that you deal with a reputable business you can trust. Sellyourhousefastlv has been featured on several networks’ news programs including NBC, CBS and FOX, as well as The Las Vegas Sun and the Las Vegas Business Review – Journal. We are an established and respected cash home buying company with nearly a decade of experience. Our company was founded on integrity and quality of service, and we constantly strive to be a source of solidarity in times of insecurity for our clients. If we say we’re going to do something, you can count on it getting done. We want to help you succeed in making your dreams come together and become reality. Don’t let the threat of foreclosure define the next portion of your life. Everything you have worked for doesn’t have to end in financial ruin. Let us help you salvage your credit and pay off the debt so you can start over. When you need to sell your Las Vegas house fast for cash, get in touch with us today. 

Things you can do to buy time in a Forclosure

If you are in the midst of a foreclosure, there are ways to stop the proceedings, nearly all the way up to the date of sale. In fact, the owner of the property can file an “Intent to Cure” with the Public Trustee’s Office at least 15 days prior to the date of sale. Then by paying the necessary amount to bring the loan current by noon the day before the foreclosure sale is scheduled, the borrower will avoid the finalization of a foreclosure. Before this portion of the foreclosure, you can also generally stop the proceedings simply by letting the lender know you will bring the loan current, or by modifying the loan agreement. There are options you still have, even if you have been notified of foreclosure proceedings. Don’t let your credit be destroyed by allowing a foreclosure to get any farther. Sellyourhousefastlv understands the entire process and has lots of experience in dealing with this problem for many of our clients. Let us help you sell your Las Vegas house fast for cash and pay off the lender so you can start your life over without debt.

Foreclosure Facts

If your mortgage lender is threatening foreclosure, there are some facts you should know. Even in this dire situation, you do have certain rights and there are avenues you can take to save your home. In Nevada, you typically must be behind for a minimum of 120 days, or 4 months. At that point, the lender may notify you that they are going to start the foreclosure process. The average foreclosure takes approximately 2 years from start to finish. In Nevada there are both judicial and non-judicial forms of foreclosures. Judicial foreclosure is a court-ordered form of foreclosure used when there is no power of sale clause in the mortgage agreement, a stipulation that allows a designated trustee to direct the foreclosure process in the case that the borrower defaults on the loan. In these cases, the lender must file a suit in court to obtain an Order of Sale and Decree of Foreclosure. The judge then has the right to award the borrower a right of redemption for up to one year, depending on various circumstances. But most foreclosures in Nevada are of the non-judicial variety, in which the lender must follow certain strict guidelines but can avoid court proceedings and successfully obtain a legal foreclosure. They must first execute a Notice of Default and Election to Sell, which must be publicly recorded in the county where the property is, and must be sent via certified or registered mail to the borrower and the current property owner, as well as any lien holder, within 10 days of the recording. After a 3 month period after this recording, you will receive a Notice of Trustee’s Sale, wherein the time and place of the sale is included. In 2009, the law extended the period of reinstatement in the case of owner-occupied homes to 5 days prior to this recorded sale date. Therefore it’s most likely not too late, so if you are in the middle of a foreclosure, contact Sellyourhousefastlv today.

We also can help you if your trying to sell your house due to Probate in Las Vegas .