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What are the Best Apps for House Hunting?

What are the Best Apps for House Hunting?

Looking for a New Home 

If you’re searching the local market for your dream home, today’s technology has given us a new option, with real estate apps like Zillow, Opendoor and Redfin. But there are so many of them now, how do you know which ones are best? That’s why we’ve put this list together of the best home buying apps for you, and why they’re better. Sell Your House Fast – Las Vegas is the leading trusted cash home buyer in Nevada, so when you’re ready to sell your house fast for cash, check out our homepage right here on this website! 

Searching on Real Estate Apps 

When looking for the best house hunting apps, the first thing you really want in a real estate search is up to date information. Let’s say the search results come back telling you a house is available, and you love it. So you contact a local real estate agent about seeing the property, only to find the home’s been off the market – for a month. 

Or the search feature is so slow, you have to worry by the time the results come back, the house will be sold. These things are not helpful to house hunters. So make sure the real estate app you use has highly current real estate listings.


In searching for the best house hunting apps, the Zillow app is still the best app for house hunting. Despite the bad press they’ve gotten over their failed iBuying venture, Zillow has recuperated quite impressively. They have the most massive database of home listings, including Zillow owned homes, and they constantly update their information. Changes show nearly always within 24 hours, often in minutes. Then they have their signature “Zestimates”, or home value estimates. As long as you keep in mind, there’s no guarantee on these home values, as this is Zillow’s main shortcoming. But Zillow’s app is superior, and has great sharing features as well. 


The Redfin app is also one of the best real estate apps for house hunting we found. It makes sense, since Redfin is an actual real estate brokerage that decided to up their real estate game, to expand nationwide. They were one of the first firms offering a mix of technology and skilled real estate agents, keeping actual human beings involved in their process. They have an impressive amount of property listings, and offer a mortgage calculator as well. Their unique features include upcoming open houses and buyer rebates when they use a Redfin agent. Sellers are charged a listing fee of just 1.5%, or even just 1% if they buy and sell with a Redfin agent.

Xome Real Estate for Auctions

If you’re house hunting for real estate auctions, try Xome. Bank owned homes sold at auctions are less expensive, but sometimes need a lot of work. They have a huge collection of houses and commercial property as well, and provide lots of filters for search requests and good sales history information. Most real estate apps aren’t centered around these types of purchases, and it’s great for home flippers. Having commercial real estate as well is also unique, and they’re known for their comprehensive features available to bidders. for Rentals 

House hunters can use the real estate app from with confidence, it’s associated with the National Association of Realtors and the listings are updated by actual realtors. So the information is usually current and accurate. And they have unique features other apps don’t have, such as their newly introduced “sign snap” feature, where you can point your phone at a sign and it snaps a photo of it that pulls up all the information on the property. In addition, you can contact landlords and property managers through the innovative app. One of the best real estate apps for rentals, for sure.


House hunting with the Trulia real estate app is great because they have the most accurate valuation tool, and plenty of filters for things like school zones, neighborhoods and shopping, square footage and more. In addition, they offer pre-qualification and calculators, with lending services provided. Trulia is owned by Zillow, so the high marks for them make sense. This is definitely also one of the best real estate apps for home buying out there.

Are You Selling Your House?

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What are the Pros and Cons of Selling a House for Cash?

Advantages to Selling for Cash with Sell Your House Fast – Las Vegas 

Here are some of the advantages of using Sell Your House Fast – Las Vegas: 


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