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How To Sell A House That Needs Work With Ease

First Things First 

So you need to sell your house – but the problem is, you need to know how to sell a house that needs work. The thing to remember here, is selling it as a ‘fixer-upper’ is often preferable to spending money and time you don’t have, especially when the new owners are just going to remodel it anyway. Common misconceptions include home sellers who think a kitchen remodel or a bathroom remodel is going to be necessary, when nothing so extreme is called for. 

After all, you work for a living, right? Besides, you need the entire process to take about 5 minutes, at this point! Let’s go over some tips for giving your house a quick but effective makeover, instead of doing complete renovations.


Foundational Damage

If selling your house in the traditional manner is the way you choose, there will be an inspection you’ll need to pass, so let’s start with the essentials. First, we will need to assess whether or not your house has any foundational damage. Here are a few steps you can use to help you: 

  • Check for sagging floors or ceilings, and be sure to use a level 
  • Test your windows and doors to be sure they’re closing properly 
  • Check for gaps between exterior windows and walls 
  • Check for any bowed walls (paint blisters don’t count) 
  • Inspect sources of recurring mold for cracks or gaps in the foundation 
  • Look for any large cracks in the floors or walls – smaller cracks near doors and windows are typically cosmetic rather than foundational 
  • Inspect for “nail pops”, or small, round cracks in the walls where the nails are pulling away from the drywall. Frequent nail pops are often the sign of further issues

Water Damage

Next, let’s figure out whether there is any water damage to your home. Starting with the exterior, take the following steps: 

  • Look for missing or cracked shingles on your roof or any leaks in the ceilings when it rains 
  • Check the gutters to be sure they are intact and properly attached 

The interior of your home can be examined by doing this: 

  • Look for any water rings or stains on the walls or ceilings that are close to any plumbing 
  • Look for soft or sagging spots in the floor, especially near sinks, bathtubs or showers (also could be leaky appliance)
  • Check the cabinets under the sinks for water marks, warping or discoloration that may indicate leaky pipes 
  • Check your hot water heater for rust 

Remember to trust your sense of smell, and investigate any musty odors. If you have an attic or a basement, make sure you don’t forget these areas, as well.

Other Main Components 

If the foundation is intact and there is no significant water damage, you can move on. Make sure there’s no major issues with: 

  • Plumbing – repair visible leaks, unclog and clean drains, replace wax rings on toilets if needed 
  • Roofing – repair any loose, brittle, curled or broken shingles, and any loose flashing 
  • Electrical wiring – repair any broken outlets or junction boxes and make sure your breaker box is labeled correctly 
  • Heating and cooling systems – these things are both expensive to replace, and buyers know that – so make sure yours are working properly and efficiently 
  • Safety issues – go over everything with a fine-tooth comb for any potential safety issues before any open house showings

More Tips For Selling Your House With Ease

Curbside Appeal

What most people don’t realize is there’s a lot to be said about curbside appeal. A recent survey citing top real estate agents and their insights said that a house with decent landscaping and good curbside appeal sells for up to 10% higher. What’s more, home sellers don’t need to add any fancy designs or put any real money into it. Just mow the grass, clean it up good, and place a few strategic flower pots here and there. (You get the idea.)

De-Clutter The Inside 

Do a thorough and deep cleaning of the interior, and throw things away (or give them to a charity organization). Anything you can do in order to de-clutter the inside of your house is beneficial, just use a “less is more” way of thinking. Home buyers prefer to imagine their own belongings in a potential new home setting anyway, so go for a cleaner look with minimal clutter.

Bring On The Light 

Never underestimate the power of great lighting. Replace old curtains or window coverings with bright or light colored ones, and open them up during the day and for open house showings. Visit each room as if you are looking at it for the first time, and change the lighting wherever needed. Home buyers say that lighting is one of the most important things to consider when looking at houses.

Small Projects Get Big Results 

Take on small projects that make the biggest differences. Some examples are things like: 

  • Cleaning or replacing grout in the flooring and caulking around windows, etc. 
  • Fix broken doors and hinges, and replace cabinet door handles or knobs 
  • Patch holes and paint walls where necessary, use white or light colors

Money Issues 

Remember to research the homes currently on the market, and that have recently sold, in your area. Create an asking price as a fixer-upper, accordingly. Keep some sort of a return on investment or ROI in mind, especially if you have a lot of equity in your home. Consider bringing up home renovation loans in your listing or directly to potential buyers, as often they can get approved for a higher loan amount when factoring in home renovations they want to make. 

Know your potential buyer pool, since there is definitely a specific type that will be interested in a house that needs repairs. A good real estate agent can make your house seem like a buyer’s perfect dream home, with just a few “adjustments”, so if you’re using one, choose wisely!

Other Selling Options 

Know the different selling options you have. If you really need to sell your house fast and money is an issue, without any of these hassles or inspection worries, consider getting a no obligation, free cash offer from Sellyourhousefastlv. Their process is simple and fast. Have the down payment on a new house in days instead of months, and no repairs are necessary!

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