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How Selling Your House for Cash Can Help You Financially

When You Need to Sell Fast 

Let’s face it, there are situations in life that happen unexpectedly and alter the course of our lives. Sometimes, these things require us to relocate fast. Or perhaps you need money fast and are thinking of selling a house that’s not your primary residence. If you don’t have the time to sell your home on the open market, you may be considering a quick sale with an all-cash offer. If this is the case for you, Sell Your House Fast – Las Vegas is the name to trust in cash buyers. 

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Traditional Sales 

With traditional home sales, a lot depends on the housing market at the time of the sale. Any real estate agent will assess the price of your home by using the current fair market value, which changes all the time. Right now, home prices are up, so it’s a good time to sell a house. The problem occurs when potential buyers are dealing with a mortgage lender.

The Mortgage Loan 

Most people don’t know that it’s the mortgage lender’s requirements that make the home sale take so long to close. Home appraisals, home inspections, loan underwriting, in-depth credit checks, contingencies, and all the paperwork involved in securing a mortgage loan are the culprits. Cash sales remove the need to obtain the mortgage in the first place, thus the mortgage lender, and the speed of the home sale improves dramatically.

Real Estate Agents 

If you decide to go with a cash sale, you can avoid the real estate agent completely, which will save you money. Sellers typically pay 6% of the sales price in agents’ commissions. But with cash sales, you’ll be saving money on these fees, and more money on most closing costs, as well. There’s much less paperwork involved, and no home repairs are necessary, either.

Different Types of Buyers 

There are multiple kinds of buyers, and if you’re already selling on the open market, you might receive a cash offer from different types of real estate buyers. There are individual investors, some are house flippers and some are landlords wanting to purchase a second home to rent out. Neither of these types of buyers wants to pay too much money, though, since they’re making the purchase as an investment.

Financial Decisions 

So what do you plan to do with the money when you decide to sell a house for cash? First, you’ll need to pay off your current mortgage, if you have one. If you don’t, or it’s not substantial, you might want to pay off any personal loans or debt you’ve accumulated. Most people will use any profit from their home sale investing in the purchase of a new home, as a down payment. 

Professional Advice 

Whether or not selling your property for cash is the right thing for you largely depends on how much time you have and how much profit you need to make. For example, if the lowest price you can take is fair market value or above, it might be a better idea to have a traditional home sale. If you have capital gains tax worries or a lot of debt, getting some expert advice makes sense. A financial advisor can help you improve your circumstances. 

About Sell Your House Fast – Las Vegas

Sell Your House Fast – Las Vegas was built on integrity and reliability, and we believe in complete transparency. You can find all the details right here on our website, and we’re here to help. We provide free cash offers with no obligation to accept, so if you need to sell fast, contact Sell Your House Fast – Las Vegas today!

How it Works

To get your free, no-obligation cash offer just fill out the short form right here. A cash buyer will be in touch shortly to schedule an appointment to visit the property in person. At that time, the buyer will be prepared to offer you a cash deal on the spot! There’s never any obligation to accept the deal, and we charge no hidden fees for our services. 

What to Expect from the Sale

Here are some things you can expect from a cash sale with Sell Your House Fast – Las Vegas: 


So what have you got to lose? Contact Sell Your House Fast – Las Vegas and get your free, no obligation cash offer today.

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