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On The Outside Looking In 

There are dozens of small, inexpensive, and larger home improvements that you can do to kick up your home’s curb appeal. If you are looking to sell your house in the near future, your home’s curb appeal should be one of the first improvements addressed in your home selling process. 

Curb appeal for your house makes it not only easier to sell, but it gives your house a finished look that you and the buyer can take pride in. In this article, we will learn about DIY curb appeal tricks, how to improve your front door appeal, what it means to sell houses with curb appeal, and more! 

1.  Use Quality Real Estate Signs Outside

If you are wondering how to make the home’s exterior look better there are several curb appeal ideas that will be sure to help. You will want to make sure you start with the basics, like using a quality real estate sign in the front. 

  • This can fall into the DIY curb appeal tips if you decide to make the sign yourself, however, you will want to remember the condition and quality of your “For Sale” sign is a reflection of your regard for your property. 

  • The signage should reflect the pride of the home and can vary in size and style depending on the property and price point. 

  • We suggest your real estate sign be made of quality materials, clean, dignified, and shows your potential buyers the quality of your home. 

2.  How to Improve Your Front Door Curb Appeal

To gain the ultimate front door curb appeal for your home, you will want to make sure to incorporate at least one of these suggestions below.

  • Create a dramatic entrance that is arched – this is another DIY curb appeal tip that requires you to create the arch for your front door. Although it is a lot of work,  the impact will be sure to make it all worth it!

  • Go bold with vibrant color for the front door – we suggest making sure it fits with the theme of the home however a pop of a complementary coat of paint color will be sure to go a long way for you (it typically cost around $30 dollar per gallon of exterior paint) to add curb appeal.

  • You can also opt for a new door –  Let’s face it wear and tear are normal for most houses so you may find replacing the front door with a new one can create an instant facelift for your home. (you can try to replace it with a door that has windows or that new color you wanted to add) 

  • Let there be light – whether your potential buyer drives by your property at night or in the daytime you will want to be sure to make your home noticeable with warm lighting in the front. You can highlight your door by adding more lighting or simply replacing the old lights with new bulbs. 

3. How To Improve Your Front Yard Landscaping

If you want your home to sell faster, you will need to be sure that your front yard is impeccable. 

  • Manicure Your Lawn – this can be one of the cheapest curb appeal ideas that simply requires time over money. Make sure to upkeep your lawn and make sure everything is trimmed and edged. If you do not have the time to keep up with your lawn make consider a reliable professional yard service to keep your lawn ready for potential buyers. 

  • Cut Back Shrubs and Trees – make sure they are cleaned up and trimmed down so that they can enhance your house not hide it. With the right tools, a good eye, and a little time, basic shrub and tree pruning and trimming can provide an impressive “curb appeal” result (if you have a dead or potentially dangerous tree in the yard, hire a professional to have it removed). 

  • Add Color with Plants – a quick, inexpensive, and effective way to make your home look inviting, fresh and bright, use flowering plants. You can add some color in your window boxes to add color, even when you are looking out the windows from inside. You will also want to make sure your garden beds are cleaned of all weeds. (Be sure to add fresh mulch to the flower beds, and you can use colored mulch if you like!) 

4. Inexpensive Ways To Create Curb Appeal Ideas

If you are looking for less expensive ways to improve the exterior of your home for curb appeal ideas, make sure to check out the list below. 

  • Use a Power Washer – you can easily make your home look more appealing by power washing unwanted debris, dust, and dirt. You can spray down the house, sidewalks, and front porch. 

  • Add Some Pops of Color to Match The Door on The Trimming or Railings – this should be fairly inexpensive and goes towards your home’s style, especially if you opted to paint the front door already. You can use the leftover paint to highlight other areas of the porch to help it become more cohesive.

  • Install a New Door Handle –  An eye-catching chic handle or doorknob can elevate the design of the front of your house. With a wide range of styles and prices, you will have endless options from small to large. 

  • Install Flower Boxes – If you want to provide more space on the patio you may want to switch from potted plants to installing flower boxes. These boxes can be fairly inexpensive, especially if you decide to make them yourself. 

5. Clean The Roof and Gutters

For both experienced and novice home buyers, the roof is always one of the first things to be noticed. You will want to be sure and remove any tree branches, algae growth, clogged gutters, and unwanted debris from your roof and your gutters. 

6. Spruce Up Your Mailbox

Although it is a small part of your home, it is still one of the first things to enhance your home. You can freshen up wooden posts with a fresh coat of stain, or decide to replace the mailbox altogether to match that pop of color you added to the front door. Luckily, replacing a mailbox is a fairly easy and inexpensive example of great curb appeal ideas.  

7. Treat Your Windows

Even if you decide to paint the entire house, potential buyers will be turned off at the site of stained or dirty windows. Just like with cars that have outdated lights, it will not matter how much you wash the car. It still just looks old and outdated.

You will want to pay close attention to how the window treatments look from the outside. Go for uniformity in style and color, and pay attention to detail, even to the degree to which shutters, blinds, and draperies are open. Windows are a focal point and can make a huge impact.

8. Replace Old House Numbers 

This one is a cheap DIY curb appeal trick that really helps the outside of your home look so much nicer. If your numbers are looking faded, make the very inexpensive purchase of new numbers.

House numbers can start at a simple $2.00 per number. You’ll be amazed at the difference this simple trick accomplishes!

What it Means to Sell Houses With Curb Appeal

Houses with curb appeal are essential to anyone looking to sell their home. Without something that makes the home stand out (in a good way), you will just have another home on the market. It is extremely important that before you decide to put that “For Sale” sign up that you are sure to implement some of these tips to ensure your home will sell and fast. 

If you stick with using some of these DIY curb appeal ideas, you can be sure that it will make a difference for your potential buyers. Make sure to give these curb appeal ideas a try! 

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